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free sms interceptorWhen it comes to free sms interceptor software your choices are pretty slim. In fact currently there is only one program which will allow you to spy on someone’s text messages for free and that is Mobile spy. This is also not indefinitely but for a 7 day trial in which you will have the uses of the full set of features of this particular sms spy program. If you are concerned that the time is too short, don’t worry because many people have discovered what they have been looking for within this 7 day period. There is no obligation to purchase which mean that after you acquire the information you can then move on without having to spend a dime.

However, if you figure that there is a substantial reason to investigate further then you may do so by paying a small subscription fee which varies according to the length of time you wish to use it. The price range for this app lies between $49.95USD and $129.99USD. If you decide to go with the one year subscription then you will acquire Sniperspy for free which is a computer monitoring application.

What features do I get with this free sms interceptor app?

Mobile spy comes with quite a bit of features and this includes:

  • Text message spying
  • Contact details
  • Cell phone gps tracking
  • Email interception
  • Calendar logging
  • Call logging
  • Photo monitoring- view every single picture taken by the phone cam
  • Video capturing
  • Live control panel – view what is occurring on the cell phone screen like a television this however is not offered in the free trial because it is an add-on.

Basically, by using all of information gathered from intercepting sms messages and the other functions you will be able to paint a better picture of the person you wish to monitor.

How do I get my free trial offer?

In order to start using Mobile spy for free                 .

Simply follow the instructions in terms of installation and that is it. If you are having any difficulties you can call support through their 1-800 number which is available on their website. The support offered by this sms interceptor app is USA based so you do not have to worry about any communication problems.

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