sms interceptorIf you are looking to purchase a sms interceptor then chances are there is someone in your life which you figure that you need to keep an eye on. When you think about it the cell phone holds a wealth of information about its owner or user. If you could tap into it secretly you will certainly be able to uncover whether there is screwy business going on with the individual. This is why sms interceptor technology is so important because it will allow you to monitor certain communications without the person having a clue to what is occurring.

The only thing which you will have to do is to install the app on the target mobile phone and it will do the rest. It will start collecting all the pertinent details it was design to do and then forward the information to you either via email or to a secret account. In order to view your data you will have to log on with your security credentials and that is it. It will take some time but you will almost be certain that you will discover what the truth really is. There is also an added bonus in using this technology and that is the fact that you will not only be able to spy on sms messages. Depending on the vendor you could also track the cell phone; monitor blackberry messenger chat; listen in on phone calls and more.

What are the recommended sms interceptor apps?

When dealing with this type of technology your best options are Spybubble and Mobistealth. Overall Spybubble is usually the preferred choice because it gives you the basic functionality to get the job done at an excellent price. When it comes to advanced features such as cell phone tapping or bbm monitoring then you would have to use Mobistealth. It comes in three different packages which include the Lite, Pro and Pro-x. Depending on what features you wish then you will choose the package accordingly.

Overview of each text message interceptors

1.      Spybubble

spybubble download

Features:  intercept sms messages, Call history, email interception, contact information, gps tracking, website surveillance and  photo logging

Compatible phones: Blackberry, Android (e.g. HTC, LG), Windows mobile, Symbian (e.g. Nokia), iphone and ipad.

Price Range: $49.95  (basic price )

Further Details Visit:

2.      Mobistealth

Features:  sms spying; monitoring bbm; listen in on cell phone calls; cell phone bugging; gps tracking; contact details; email interception; website monitoring; calendar details; photo and video logging

Compatible phones:  Android based, Windows mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and iphone

Price Range: $39.99USD to $199.99USD

Further Details Visit:

When it comes to selecting a sms interceptor it is best to go with the one you believe will bring about results. This is because the money that each program cost is nothing compared to knowing the actual truth about your situation.

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intercepting sms message The process of intercepting sms messages on a cell phone is pretty straight forward. You will have two options in which you can accomplish this task. The first method will be to go through the actual phone, reviewing the person’s text message log. This has been used for years however it is known to have its disadvantages. The primary one lies in the fact that the person can always delete any correspondence which was sent or received. Therefore, it is quite possible that you will only intercept the sms messages which the person would like you to see. In other words when you think things are fine that is really far from the truth.

The alternate and more reliable method would be to use a surveillance app known as a sms interceptor. When this is installed onto the mobile phone itself it will instantaneously start to log each text message sent or received. Unlike looking through the mobile it does not make a difference if the person deleted the correspondence or not because everything would have been recorded. The best part is that the text message spy works in total stealth therefore you will be certain that anything viewed will be genuine.

In terms of viewing the information everything is stored online. Your data will be in a separate database which can only be assessed by you using a special security code. Since the surveillance data captured is online this means that you can be virtually anywhere in the world and view every sms message intercepted by this special software.

Can this software do more than spy on text messages?

In general these monitoring tools do not come with one feature but at least four. You will be amazed at some of the things which these apps can do. Some of the features included are monitoring blackberry messenger, gps locations, calls, emails and also pictures taken. In a nutshell virtually anything can be monitored. Depending on the level of surveillance required prices can vary significantly. A basic app which can intercept sms messages and a few other features will cost you in the range of 50 to 100 bucks. However if you would like to get an advance app which can listen into cell phone conversations or use the mobile as a bug then the price could be as high as 500 dollars.

It may sound expensive but when making a decision on which sms interceptor to purchase your main concern should be to acquire the information you are looking for.

What are the best apps to use?

On the internet today the two most popular text message spy apps are Spybubble and Mobistealth. In terms of functions Spy bubble consists of the basic features while Mobistealth has both basic and advanced functionality.

spybubble review

Spybubble functions include the ability to spy on sms messages, emails, pictures taken, contact details, call history, gps locations (popular tracking feature) and websites visited. In terms of price it sells for only $49.99USD making excellent for those who is interested in basic cell phone surveillance but who is on a tight budget.

For more details on Spybubble visit:

Mobistealth offer similar functionality with its Lite package but offers quite a bit more with its Pro and Prox series. Depending on the the phone model you could spy on Blackberry messenger; listen in on phone conversations; use the mobile as a bug and sim card change notification. The price of this app however is between $39.99USD and $199.99USD.

For further details on how to intercept sms messages and more by using Mobistealth:

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read childs text messagesChecking your kid’s text messages is one of the best methods to discovering what they are up to when you are not around. In general children hide most of what they do from their parents. Stuff like skipping lunch etc may not be of concern but other things such as sexting and bullying you would want to know about. It is hard to help or raise them with the values you wish to instill if you do not know what is happening with them. The previous method of taking away their cell phone and reading your child’s text messages is not effective because he or she will probably delete what they don’t want you to see. This is where a sms interceptor app comes into play.

When it is downloaded onto a target mobile it offers the user the ability to monitor their kid’s sms messages unknown to them. Whether the communication was erased or not does not matter because it would have already been captured and send it to you the parent. This is generally to some online repository in which you would log onto in order to access the records. You will not only be able to check your kid’s text messages but other things such as track their mobile; view pictures captured etc. There are different additional features available and it all depends on the program chosen or vendor.

What program should I use to read my child’s text messages?


In this review we will look at two programs which are Phonesheriff and Mobistealth. Phonesheriff is an excellent cell phone monitoring app for kids. It has both monitoring and control functionality. Therefore you would be able to do things such of check your kid’s sms messages; track the phone; track websites visited; capture pictures taken; block certain numbers from calling and texting etc. It is presently one of the better cell phone parental control apps on the market now and for $49.99USD makes it pretty affordable. The best part that the parents love is the telephone support system in which if you have any issue you can talk to someone about it oppose to the email system.

To find out more about this app

Mobistealth is the other program there but offers quite a bit more advance functionality. It has similar surveillance features as Phonesheriff but you will also be able to monitor Whatsapp messages, Blackberry messenger; listen in on the phone environment and calls etc. This offer parents the opportunity to delve even further especially if your child uses other messenger systems than text messaging. Its price range is between $39.99USD to $199.99USD depending on the features chosen.

For more information on how you can check your kids text messages with Mobistealth then visit

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reading someones text messagesChecking someone’s text messages such as your kids or staff members is now becoming relatively easily by the use of sms interceptor programs. This method offers a simple, reliable and also a discreet way to read their text messages without being detected by the user of the mobile. After all if your child or employee knew you were tracking their communications then they would ensure that nothing incriminating would be sent across this medium. Then you would be left with a false sense of security believing everything is great when it is far from that.

In order to utilize this type of program you would first need to install it onto the particular mobile in question. The software will commence logging all communication activities it is suppose to and then forward you that information online. It will then be a matter of going online to access the records to see exactly what is occurring with the individual. The best thing about using this technology is that it does not matter if the person deletes the message or not because the program would have already made a record of it. Your next step would be to choose an appropriate application for the job.

How do I find an app which can spy on sms messages?

Everything can be found on the internet for instant download. You just need to do a search with your favorite web search engine but we all know that this could reek quite a few results. To avoid confusion of choosing we recommend taking a look at two of the more common programs utilized. One has the basic functionality and the other is more robust. The first one we will be looking at is known as Spybubble. This app sells for around $49.99USD and will allow you not only to monitor someone’s text messages but you also will be able to track their mobile phone, intercept emails, log photos taken, track websites visited and phone book details. When you combine these attributes with the power to read their text messages there is nothing you won’t be able to know about the person in questions. More details on Spybubble could be found at

The more robust app takes the surveillance further by allowing you to do the same things as Spybubble as well as monitor bbm, spy on whatsapp, listen to the surroundings and also tap the mobile. The price range is quite different starting at $39.99USD and going as high as $199.99USD depending on the functions you would like. For more details simply visit

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If you are looking for a mobile phone tracker app there are a few things which you must ensure before you put this technology into operation. The first thing is that the smart phone which you are looking to monitor has a functioning gps chip. Otherwise, you can kiss the thought of tracking the cell phone goodbye because there would be no way to capture the gps coordinates of the device. The next thing which you must ensure is that the device has an internet connection. This is because these programs send the user of the app details about the phone location through the internet to an email account or a secure repository. From there you would log on using your security credentials and the gps coordinate details will be available for viewing.

People can’t interpret a location by just coordinates alone so these programs give you a link to a map in which you would see exactly where the person is located. This includes roads, buildings and general land marks of the area as shown below.

cell phone tracking software

Everything is done in the background so no one will know that you are tracking their cell phone unless you were to tell them that directly. Therefore if you have an employee who you suspect is slacking off when he or she is out of the office or your teenager is skipping school you would find out the truth. The best part is just for a few bucks you will be able to start monitoring the cell phone location and much more.

What is a good cell phone tracker?

In terms of affordability, reliability and functionality your best bet would be Spybubble. It is actually ranked as one of the most popular tracking software solutions on the internet today and for a good reason. This is because it carries additional functionality which includes:

  • Intercepting sms messages
  • Viewing call log history
  • Contact details
  • Website monitoring
  • Picture logging (view any picture taken by the mobile phone)
  • Email interception

As you may notice it offers just what you would need and at a decent price of $49.99USD makes it one of the most sought after cell phone trackers presently. For further details about this particular program visit Here you would be able to get a complete list of compatible mobile phones as well a view a live demo of it in action. From there you download it immediately and start your surveillance.

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child cell phone monitoring softwareIf you gave you’re your teen a mobile phone then you certainly should look into overseeing that device. You can find specific programs available at this time which would aid you in monitoring your child’s mobile phone activities. All of this is done covertly to ensure that they wouldn’t be conscious that you are keeping tabs on what they are up to. Therefore everything which is captured could be regarded as a genuine portrayal of their behavior. If he or she realized that you were observing them, then they would resort to only communicating certain matters across those transmissions. In essence you will be given a false feeling of security that everything is going good in reality it may be the opposite.

When it comes to execution any app used to monitor your child’s cell phone must be installed onto the particular device. The installation is the same as any application in which you download it and configure appropriately. The program will then go into action documenting the transmissions it was designed to undertake. Once captured it would then transmit the recorded details to you personally. This is either to an email address or to a surveillance database in which you would just need to access with your security code. In the event that there are things which need to be dealt with then do so promptly and avoid hinting where you obtained the information. Always keep in mind that you would want to be able to rely on this technology for a later date.

What are some recommended cell phone monitoring apps for children?

When looking to implement cell phone parental control applications it is vital that you employ an app which works well and can get the job done. In this article we would look at the two most popular apps in this area which are Phonesheriff and Mobistealth respectively. Most people generally pick Phonesheriff as their first choice because it is less expensive and it also offers restriction features. Its list of functionality includes:

  • Intercepting text messages
  • Cell phone tracking
  • Call logging
  • Website tracking
  • Photo logging
  • Contact details
  • Time Restrictions (lock the phone from use during certain periods)
  • Call & sms message filtering (block certain numbers from communicating with the cell phone)

From a surveillance point of view these are some of the most essential functions to find out what is occurring on your kid’s cell phone. For more details on this particular parental control app .

Mobistealth has similar monitoring features to Phone Sheriff however lacks the power to restrict certain communications on the phone. However, it is capable of more complex functionality which includes monitoring Blackberry messenger; spying on whatsapps messenger chat, environment listen as well as call interception. As a result you would be able to gain more details from monitoring your kid’s cell phone especially if they use bbm or whatsapp messenger. If you are interested in learning more about Mobistealth then go to .

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whatsapp spyThe technology to monitor Whatsapp messenger on a cell phone has been around since 2011. It came about due to an increase in popularity of this particular program. When dealing with mobile phone monitoring applications you need to ensure that you can actually spy on the communication method that the person would use the most. For instance if your child uses text messaging as the major means to talk with their friends then a text message interceptor will be fine. However, if they prefer to use Whatsapp then it will be more effective to use a Whatsapp spy.

In terms of operation most work the same in which you would need to install the software onto the device which is to be monitored. When everything has been configured and starts it will go ahead monitoring the Whatsapp messenger conversations and then forward them to user across the internet either to an email address or special account. Since spying on this particular messenger service is so new there are only a few applications right now which have this particular feature. These are Mobistealth and Flexispy respectively.

Which should I choose?

In terms of monitoring Whatsapp messages both will do the same job but what really differentiate them is phone compatibility, support and price. Flexispy covers a wider range of cell phones which is especially good in the event the person changes the phone. In terms of support there is no other cell phone surveillance app which can come close to it. There is a full library of video documentation and customer service could be attained either through online live chat or the standard e-ticket. The only thing which may come as a concern is the price and the cost charged is due to the fact it is overall the most superior product you will find on the web. For further details go to

Mobistealth is generally the preferred choice between these two. It is functionally similar to Flexispy but support system is not as top knotch. It presently only use the e-ticket method for any queries of customers and the response is generally a quick one but will vary according to the load. What really capture persons mainly is the price  which is variable starting at $79 USD. This puts it in the range of most persons and is especially appealing for someone who would only need to use the service for a few weeks or months. If you would like to find out more about spying on Whatsapp messenger with Mobistealth then visit

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In terms of cell phone surveillance software, Mobistealth is one of the top applications you will find right now on the internet. It has almost every feature which is offered presently by other vendors but at a fraction of the cost. Actually, it offers its clients the ability to choose from a 3, 6 or 12 months subscription which helps to fit in most persons’ budgets. After all in many circumstances you would not need to use this type of program for an extended period of time so why be locked into to a one year subscription only. The fact that the pricing structure for Mobistealth Pro was so flexible actually was one of the major contributors which made this particular app so popular.

The other major contributor to its popularity is its reliability and also its interface. It stands out pretty much when compared to the other vendors especially as a new comer easily.

How do you implement this surveillance program?

First off before you proceed to do any monitoring you must ensure that this program is compatible with the mobile you are targeting. Once that is verified you simply download and install onto the device. From there everything will be captured by Mobistealth and then sent to a private online server. The only thing which needs to be done now is for you to logon with your personal username and password. From there you will have access to everything which was recorded and also some functionality to sort, search etc. You will just have to sit back and see what happens.

What are Mobistealth Pro functions?

Before we go into details about its functions it is worthwhile discussing the various packages it contains. Mobistealth comes in three packages which are Lite, Pro and Prox. Depending on the level of surveillance you would choose the right one for you. This is where Lite carries the basic functionality and Prox the more robust. In all all of its features includes:

  • Gps tracker
  • Call logging
  • Email tracking
  • bbm monitoring
  • sms spying
  • Surroundings listening
  • Cell phone tapping
  • Video recording
  • Photo Capturing
  • Whatsapp monitoring
  • Website tracking
  • Contact details
  • Phone wipe

With 12 possible features at your disposal there is usually no way that the person you are monitoring will be able to hide something from you. If one doesn’t help you then another surely will. The best result is usually through merging the data together to get true representation of the whole situation.

Price and Warranty

The price varies as mentioned earlier starting from as low as $39.99USD and going as high as $199.99USD depending on what package is chosen in the first place. The warranty presently on this app is 10days.

For more information visit:

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Do you need an app to monitor a cell phone’s communications? Would you like to have the ability to track text messages or view the mobile’s call history? Then Mobile spy is definitely the one for you. It one of the oldest and most reliable sms interceptor programs online and unlike the others it has additional offers which you would not find anywhere. This makes it very appealing to the general non-techie public as well as someone in the surveillance industry who is looking for a good bang for buck when purchasing their surveillance products.

Before looking at the actual features of Mobile Spy let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this particular product below:

  • Multiple surveillance option: One license will allow you to monitor three separate smart phones making it an excellent choice for parents who have more than one kid they want to keep an eye on.
  • Ipad monitoring: Mobile spy gives you the option to monitor the ipad providing it is jail broken. This give you an additional edge because many person’s are heading towards using tablet PCs to communicate over the smart phone.
  • Free computer spy software: If the person you wish to monitor also has a PC or mac you can use Sniper Spy to keep an eye on that device as well giving you the best of both worlds in terms of surveillance. This is only available if you choose to go the route of the one year subscription.
  •  Phone support: In the event you have any difficulties when setting up Mobile spy or any queries prior to purchase  you can call this company and speak to a customer service rep. This is a great step up from the typical email support system which is typical of most internet companies.

As you can see above and when compared to others will realize that this software offers the best value for money presently online. Now it is time to go what people are most concerned about and that is the features offered.

Mobile Spy features:

The functions which are included with this sms interceptor are:

  • Sms surveillance
  • Cell phone gps tracking
  • Contact information
  • Photo logging
  • Video logging
  • Email monitoring
  • Website recording
  • Live control panel (view the cell phone screen in an online spy panel, see every single thing done in virtual real time

In terms of surveillance these are all that you would really need to get the job done. Everyone like to know they are into the advance functions such as cell phone tapping or bugging however, it does not make sense paying the extra cost to get the same result.

For more information about Mobile spy visit

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blackberry sms interceptorThere are quite a few Blackberry sms interceptor programs online today therefore it is understandable why many people have difficulty choosing. Each will come with their own set of unique features therefore in the selection process you will not only be looking at the ability to spy on Blackberry text messages but other functions such as call logging, email monitoring and quite a few others. When making a selection it is best to take a look at the program holistically in which you will certainly be able to uncover what is occurring with the person by simply combining all of the attributes together. If you are wondering about which additional feature you should look to include then the ones on the must have list are the ability to track the mobile as well as monitor bbm communications.

A Blackberry sms interceptor with the gps tracking option will allow you to see exactly where the person is at any point in time. It comes in a form of a map which will show the general location and also includes roads, places of interest etc. Monitoring bbm communications are becoming more important because many people use this as an alternative to sending sms messages. Therefore you will have the best of both worlds with this particular option.

What software should I choose?

In terms of apps Spybubble and Mobistealth offers the best features around. Spybubble is a basic app which features include the ability to spy on Blackberry text messages; websites visited; pictures taken; calls logged; emails and also cell phone tracking. These are the basic features recommend to keep an eye on this particular smart phone. What is great about this app is that the price is pretty affordable costing just $49.99USD for a subscription.

For more details on how to spy on sms messages with Spybubble visit

Now the second surveillance program mentioned is Mobistealth and this is the actually the preferred choice. It comes in Lite and Pro packages in which you can decide on which to choose depending on the features you wish. It has similar features as Spybubble but with additional abilities such as being able to monitor Blackberry messenger and also bug that particular mobile. These additional attributes give it the added push to make it one of the most coveted spy apps on the market today. Its price ranges between $39.99USD and $149.99USD.

For more information on this Blackberry sms interceptor app visit

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intercept android sms messagesIntercepting Android sms messages can be easily done if you have the right surveillance app for the job. The alternative is to snoop through the person’s mobile when he or she is not looking however; software is becoming the preferred choice due to the advantages it comes with. One of the main reasons why people prefer to use Android sms interceptor software is due to the fact that the text messages will always be captured whether the person deletes it or not. Another benefit is the fact that it works in stealth which means that you could easily install it onto your children’s mobile and monitor them secretly. The program will do the background work and send you the details of what was captured through the internet to a private account.

The only issue most people will have with this type of technology is with regards to the choice of software. This is mainly due to the fact that Android sms interceptors come with a number of features aside from being able to spy on text messages. You can do simple things such as look through the call logs or advance functions such as eavesdropping on the cell phone call. Obviously the prices vary accordingly and you can easily spend a few hundreds of dollars in your sms surveillance. In the short review below we will look at two of the more popular spy programs.

What are the suggested programs?

When it comes to intercepting Android sms messages the two best apps to use will be Spybubble and Mobistealth. In terms of simplicity you can go ahead with Spybubble because it has the basic functionality and also price. However if you would like powerhouse features such as the ability to tap or bug the Android cell phone then Mobistealth pro is the way to go. It will cost a bit more but the additional functionality will be priceless. Take a look below at this short overview of each app and you can visit the website to acquire more details.



Features: spy on text messages, emails, call logs, website visited, gps locations, phone book details, photos taken

Compatible Phones: Blackberry, iphone, Symbian (e.g. Nokia), Android (e.g. Samsung) and Windows mobile (e.g. HTC, LG)

Price: $49.99USD

For more info visit:



Features: spy on sms messages; calls, photos taken; videos recorded; phone contact details; gps location; emails; sim card change details also bug the Android phone or tap into actual phone conversations.

Compatible Phones: Blackberry, iphone, Symbian (e.g. Nokia), Windows mobile and Android phones.

Price Range: $39.99 to $199.99 USD

For more information visit:

As you can see each Android sms interceptor has its advantages and disadvantages.  It will be up to you to decide which one best suits your needs.

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intercept iphone sms messagesIphone sms interceptor software is a powerful product utilized to spy on the text messages sent or received by the apple iphone. In the event you go searching on the Apple apps store for this specific type of program you will notice that you cannot find it. This is because spyware technology is usually frowned upon and will not be accepted. However, it is still possible to implement this type of product providing that the iphone has been jail broken. Once this condition is met it will be possible to intercept iphone sms messages literally within minutes of downloading and installing the program.

The setup will usually take about ten minutes and once everything is finished you will have to simply log on to your spy account to read the text messages intercepted. Typically you will get additional features with an iphone sms interceptor therefore you will have other considerations before you purchase. Typically you will be looking for something which is a balance of functionality and also price. When it comes to making a selection the two top programs on the internet presently are Mobile spy and also Mobistealth.

The first one which we will take a look at is Mobile spy which is one of the oldest and most popular sms interceptor apps on the market today. It contains the basic functionality which is needed to discover what you are looking for and it also comes with added bonuses not readily available elsewhere. For instance you will be able to monitor three devices with just one subscription of this product as well as telephone customer support. The support is very appealing for the non savvy types because it offer a quick method to resolve issues or even ask a question before purchase.

mobile spy software

Mobile spy features include the ability to intercept iphone text messages, emails, calendar details, phone book detail, gps locations, websites visited, photos and video taken. The price ranges from $49.99USD to $129.99USD depending on the subscription required.

For further details on this sms spy app visit

Mobistealth is the next app which offers similar basic functionality as its competitor but goes a bit further. This is because it will also allow you to bug the iphone (turn on the mic and listen to what is happening in the room) which is a coveted attribute. Many parents find this useful because they can remotely activate the mic and listen to hear if their children is in class or goofing off somewhere else in school. Its price varies from $39.99 to $149.99USD depending on the package as well as subscription chosen.

For further details about this iphone sms interceptor visit

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